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Common data on terrain, climate and water

Better data on terrain, climate and water shall make sure that the many investments in climate adaptation are made on the best possible grounds.

Water is an important factor of the Danish society. Denmark is one of the few places in the world, where the population has access to clean ground water. Denmark has a strong, private water sector (pumps, water planning etc.) with an annual export of 15 billion DKK. There are important unexploited potentials in synergy across the utility sectors e.g. by use of waste water for production of heat and energy.

However, water is an increasing challenge. Extreme rain and flood become more and more normal and raising ground water is expected to cause serious problems at various locations in the country. The Danish Assurance Association has assessed a payout of 10 billion DKK in compensation of damages due to cloudburst over the last 10 years. Furthermore, society is expected to spend about 40 billion DKK over the next 15-20 years on climate adaptation to protect important society values, residential areas etc.

To ensure that the great many investments are made on the best possible basis there is a need for knowledge about where to act and with what kind of instruments. Such knowledge will originate from data on terrain, water and climate of relevance to the general water circuit.





Anja Schäffer

Head of Section
Supply Office II

Niels Henrik Broge

Special Consultant
Supply Office II