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Infrastructure of data on positioning and navigation

On a European level, there is an ongoing process of establishing a new precision GPS system (Galileo), which will give us access to data much more precise as to the positioning of items (position data with high accuracy).

The new GPS data from Galielo will be more frequent and more reliable. This will make it possible to use GPS data to follow moving objects (dynamic position data). The new data are expected to be usable in relation to various administration tasks of the state, regions and municipalities.

The new GPS data can support that automotive machinery handles running and maintenance of e.g. parks (lawn mowing, emptying of dustbins etc.) The new GPS data can also be used to ensure e.g. a better traffic flow in cities where the new data together with sensor data can improve a more optimal traffic flow. Self-guide vehicles will be common in a near future. Such vehicles will probably make use of a combination of exact GPS positions and sensors.


Anja Schäffer

Head of Section
Supply Office II

Niels Henrik Broge

Special Consultant
Supply Office II