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Energy supply

The energy supply in Denmark is based on oil, gas, coal and renewable energy, and an efficient use of energy is part of ensuring stable energy supply.

The Danish Ministry of Energy, Utilities and Climate is responsible for the administration of the legislation on energy supply and the use of same in Denmark.

Energy supply is regulated in the laws on supply of electricity, gas and heating, and the law on renewable energy and deals with the production of energy itself as well as with the transport and delivery of energy to the consumer.

Apart from ensuring a stable energy supply, legislation shall make sure that supply takes place in a socio-economic, environmental-friendly and safe way.

The Danish Ministry of Energy, Utilities and Climate is furthermore responsible for legislation and initiatives to ensure an efficient use of energy and energy saving. Legislation comprises i.a. requirements as to energy labelling of machines and buildings. 

The ongoing administration of energy supply is to a high degree delegated to the Danish Energy Agency and


Amalie Strømgård Ewens

Head of Section
Energy Office I