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Security of supply

In Denmark, we take it for granted that there is light in our lamps every time we switch them on. It is important that we can count on electricity supply to ensure the optimum functionality of the society. Consequently, there is an ongoing work in Denmark to ensure the high level of security of supply.

A stable and safe energy supply is important in a modern society and a lot of the vital functions of the society are vulnerable to breakdown in the energy supply for a short or a long period. 

The security of electricity supply in Denmark is high seen in an international perspective. This is in particular due to to the fact that our cables are buried underground, which makes the network more resistant to e.g storms. 

The big amounts of sustainable energy of the energy system have so far not affected the level of security of electricity supply in Denmark.

What does security of supply mean?

Security of electricity supply means the likelihood of electricity being available whenever the consumers require it. Today security of supply in Denmark is a little more than 99.99 %. This corresponds to an average consumer being without electricity for about 40 minutes a year seen over a number of years. has the general responsibility of ensuring security of electricity supply

Security of electricity supply is ensured by means of a combination of electricity-producing plants in Denmark such as central power plants, decentralized heat and power plants, wind power and solar cells as well as the electrical power grid, connections and production capacity abroad. is responsible for security of electricity supply and should therefore ensure sufficient production capacity, technical quality and balance of the coherent electricity supply system.

Integration of big amounts of renewable energy is often seen as a big challenge to security of electricity supply with sudden changes in production. Seen from a historical point of view, most interruptions of electricity supply are due to the local electrical power grid and a shortage of production capacity has so far not contributed to missing supply of electricity to the consumers. 

Over the last years focus on security of electricity supply has, however, moved from cabling to ensuring reliable electricity supply during the actual conversion of the energy system.

Once a year, the publishes a statement of security of electricity supply, and over the latest years several analyses have also been made concerning security of electricity supply.

See the latest Security of Electricity Supply Report from 2017



Mette Vingaard

Energy Office II