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Current key figures for energy, utilities and climate

Export of Energy Technology

Denmark is European champion in export of energy technology. Last year Danish companies exported energy technology worth 71.4 billion DKK. That is 11 pct. of the total Danish export.


30 % of Danish Energy Concumption is Sustainable Energy

Sustainable energy covered approximately 30 pct of Danish energy consumption in 2015

A World Class Energy System

According to WEC, Denmark has the best energy system in the world if measured on a combination of three parametres

  1. Energy security
  2. Sustainability
  3. Access to energy

Opgørelsen stammer fra World Energy Trilemma Index 2016. Schweiz og Sverige ligger i 2016 på henholdsvis 2. og 3. pladsen.

 Trilemma Index 2016


80 % Increase in Danish Data Traffic in One Year