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Roaming prices in the EU

Since a regulation of roaming prices in the EU was established in 2007, the EU roaming prices in Denmark have dropped by more than 90 % The EU regulation means that in the future the roaming price in the EU will as a starting point not exceed the price of using the mobile phone at home. Potentially, this could take effect already as from 15 June 2017.

Since 2007 the EU has adjusted the roaming prices in the EU realising that the markets of roaming in the EU are not sufficiently competitive. The EU regulation has capped the prices that the telephone companies in the EU can charge their customers when they use the telephone or their mobile broadband subscription in another EU country. The prices outside the EU are not comprised by the regulation.


Abolition of retain roaming allowances

On 25 November 2015, the European Parliament and the Council agreed on an abolition of the retail roaming allowances within the EU as from 15 June 2017. This means that in the future the cost of using the mobile phone should be the same whether you are at home or in another EU country. It is, however, a prerequisite to the abolition of the retail roaming allowances in the EU that the European Parliament and the Council agree on new wholesale price caps. The wholesale price caps will set a limit to the prices that telecommunications companies can charge their roaming customers, and the proposal is being negotiated now.

The government is striving to find a long-lasting solution that will ensure reasonable roaming prices to the benefit of the consumers and companies and thereby ensure the European objective that prices of international roaming shall be the same as the national prices by 15 June 2017.


Integrated consumer protection

The EU regulation of roaming does also, among other things, mean that the customers have a right to be informed about the prices of making and taking calls, sending SMS messages and using data abroad. The information requirement is also valid when travelling outside the EU.

The EU regulation shall furthermore protect the customers against unexpected, high bills. Unless customers deselect so, the telecommunication companies shall make sure that the so-called "cut-off function" of data services is established automatically. This means that telecommunications companies can block data consumption, when a customer's data bill on roaming amounts to EURO 50 (exempt of VAT), corresponding to about DKK 465 (inclusive of VAT). This is also valid for trips outside the EU.




Jakob Petersen

Special Consultant
EU Office